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NIA Special Courti Convicts and Sentences Three Lashkar-E-Taiba Terrorists to 10 Years Rigorous Imprisonment in Nanded LeT Case

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Mumbai. NIA Special Court, Mumbai sentenced 03 accused namely i) Mohd. Muzammil s/o Abdul Gani u/s 18, 20, 38 of UA(P) Act to 10 years rigorous imprisonment & u/s 3,25,7,27 of Arms Act to five years & Rs 5000 fine; ii) Mohd. Sadiq s/o Mohd. Faroo & iii) Mohd. Akram @ Imran Khan @ Khaled s/o Mohd. Akbar u/s 18, 20, 38 of UA(P) Act to 10 years rigorous imprisonment.


The case was initially registered at ATS Kalachowki, Mumbai, Maharashtra as FIR No.10/2012 dated 31.08.2012 under Arms Act relating to the arrest of accused persons and recovery of Initial investigation had revealed that the accused were members of banned terrorist organisation Lashkar- e-Taiba and Harkat-ul-Jihad-e-Islami (HuJI). Accordingly, sections of UA(P) Act were invoked in the case. NIA had re-registered the case as RC-01/2013/NIA/MUM on 24.06.2013 and taken over the investigation.


Investigation has revealed that convicted accused Mohd. Akram went to Saudi Arabia under the guise of seeking employment as a driver with the help of wanted acused, Mohammed Abdul Majeed native of Hyderabad presently settled in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. During his stay in Saudi Arabia, accused Akram was introduced to various LeT members/ operatives including absconding accused Siddique Bin Usman@ Abu Hanzala @ Abdul Brai ,Furkhan Bhai @ Abdullah @ Abu Saad @ Afzal @ Akbar both native of Hyderabad as well as Mohamed Shaeed Faisal @ Ustad @ Umar @ Zaikr , native of Bangalore and settled in Saudi Arabia.


Investigation has further revealed that accused Mohd Akram and other accused persons had held conspiracy meetings at Riyadh and Dammam, Saudi Arabia to carry out targeted killings of prominent Hindu leaders, journalists, politicians and police officers in various parts of India. Mohd. Akram was then sent back to India for executing these killings in different cities including Bangalore, Hyderabad and Nanded to create terror in the Mohd. Akram had assigned the task of identifying suitable targets to


his old associates from Nanded viz. Mohd. Muzzamil and Mohd. Sadiq. They all had travelled to Hyderabad in June, 2012 to meet Obaid-Ur-Rehaman (a resident of Hyderabad and associate of Mohd. Akram and one of the Charge-sheeted arrested accused in RC- 4/2012/NIA/HYD) for identification of suitable targets for carrying out the terror acts.


Further investigation in the case continues to trace and apprehend absconding accused