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VHP committed for safety & protection of displaced Hindu-Sikh community

New Delhi: Expressing its concern over the rapidly changing scenario in Afghanistan, Vishva Hindu Parishad(VHP) has stressed on making eloquent efforts to ensure the safety and security of all Pravaasi Bharatiyas and the remaining Hindu-Sikh natives in that Taliban-affected country and their safe arrival in the lap of Bharat Mata! The Central Secretary General of VHP Milind Parande said today that although the steps being taken by the Government of India in this direction are creditable, but until and unless all the Pravasi Bharatiyas and the people of the Hindu-Sikh community of Afghanistan arrive safely in Bharat, there is an urgent need to make serious efforts at every level to protect their lives and properties! Vishva Hindu Parishad has been engaged for decades in the service of millions of Hindus exiled from Pakistan. We will also help our exiled Afghan Hindu-Sikh brethren in every possible way. We will give more impetus to the Seva work among the exiled brothers and sisters, he said.