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Sandeep Dhull Biography (Kabaddi – Jaipur Pink Panthers): Early Life, Career, Pro Kabaddi League, Family, Wife, Kids, Awards, Achievements, Records, Social Media


Sandeep Dhull Biography

SANDEEP DHULL born on 10th February 1996 is one of the brightest defenders in India with the extreme potential to tackle a raider with his ankle and thigh hold single-handedly. He plays for Jaipur Pink Panthers from season 6 of the VIVO Pro Kabaddi League and will be retained with the team for the 8th season in 2021. Sandeep has achieved immense at a short age establishing his name and performance in the Pro Kabaddi League.

Full name Sandeep Kumar Dhull
Age 25 years (as per 2021)
Birthplace Kaithai, Haryana, India
Date of Birth 10th February 1996
Height 175cm
Sport Kabaddi

Let’s dive deep into Sandeep Dhull’s life and talk about and talk about Sandeep Dhull’s Biography.

Sandeep Dhull Biography

Sandeep Dhull’s Early Life

Sandeep was born in a Kaithai district of Haryana, India in a sports enthusiast family. He lived in an area where the kabaddi sport was the only sport to be practiced. Sandeep entered the kabaddi soil at a mere age of 10 when recommended by his school’s sports teacher to participate in school games.

He started practicing the sport daily with high dedication in his school and local ground. Sandeep admired Joginder Narwal and his defending skills especially his signature move, ankle hold. Soon, he started representing his school in district and state competitions and was selected in the state team of Haryana at the age of 18.

He had many achievements competing at the national level which helped him get elected in the Indian junior kabaddi camp and later in the senior camp. For his defending skills, he was bought by Dabang Delhi in season 3 of PKL.

 Sandeep Dhull on the International level

Sandeep Dhull’s Performance in Pro Kabaddi League

  • Sandeep was signed to Dabang Delhi in season 3 of PKL. In his debut season, he scored 32 tackle points in 10 matches and scored the most Super Tackles in the season with 6.
  • He retained with Dabang’s in the consequent season and scored 35 points in 12 matches.
  • Despite scoring the best scores, he was unsold in the 5th PKL season.
  • He returned after being bought by Jaipur Pink Panthers in the 6th PKL season. In the season, he was given many opportunities to showcase his potential and was successful in doing so. He scored 67 tackle points in 22 matches with 4 High 5’s and 5 Super Tackles.
  • Sandeep retained with the team in the 7th season and scored his personal highest tackle score with 73 points in 22 matches with 7 Super Tackles.
  • In 2021, he was retained with Jaipur Pink Panthers for the 8th season of PKL.
Sandeep Dhull Biography

Sandeep Dhull and his Family

Sandeep Dhull Biography

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Sandeep Dhull Biography

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