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Bulli Bai app developer Neeraj Bishnoi arrested from Assam says have no regrets



Creator of Bulli Bai app Neeraj Bishnoi arrested from Assam.


  • Creater of Bulli Bai app arrested from Assam
  • Upon arrest, the accused said he has not regrets, did right things
  • He has been sent to 7-day police custody

The Delhi Police’s Intelligence Fusion and Strategic Operations (IFSO) unit of the special cell has arrested the main conspirator and creator of the ‘Bulli Bai’ app on Github. The accused has been identified as Neeraj Bishnoi resident of Jorhat in Assam. He has been sent to 7-day police custody.

A team under the supervision of IFSO unit dcp KPS Malhotra, Raman Lamba, ACP/IFSO, Inpsectors Hansraj, Vijender and Sub-Inspector Neeraj Kumar was constituted to track and apprehend the alleged person.

Raids were conducted in Jorhat, Assam and one person named Niraj Bishnoi son of Dashrath Bishnoi and resident of Dighambar Chuk, Ward No. 2(Part), Jorhat, Assam was apprehended.

During interrogation, he disclosed that he is the person who had created the Bullibai app on Github. He had also created the Twitter handle @bullibai_ and other handles. He is pursuing B.Tech (Computer Science) from Vellore Institute of Technology, Bhopal.

He further disclosed that Github account/app was developed in the month of November 2021 and finally updated the app in December 2021. The Twitter account was created on 31st December. He further disclosed that he had also created one more Twitter accounts @Sage0x1 for tweeting about the app.

He was continuously monitoring the news on social media. He had created one more Twitter account with the name of @giyu44 and had tweeted that you have arrested the wrong person, ‘slumbai’ police.

According to reports, the creater of the app said he was against Muslim women and those who were active on social media… he used to target them. The accused also said that he has no regrets for his actions.

Earlier, a complainant has alleged that her photograph was uploaded from Twitter account @bullibai_ and others and on her complaint a case FIR no. 01/22 was registered at Cyber Police Station, South East.

The Twitter accounts were suspended by Twitter and the app was also removed from Github platform. Technical assistance was provided to South-East District. The case was very technical in nature. With the help of CERTIN, the raw data analysis along with the technical details was undertaken and the suspect was identified to be based in Jorhat, Assam.

Further investigation is the case is underway.

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